Pass Through Unit Helper Methods

The build_pt() method is intended to be used to rapidly construct a standard set of material balance equations for zero-order type models in which there is no change in flow rate or concentration of the solutes. This is most commonly seen in pressure and temperature change equipment.


from idaes.core import declare_process_block_class
from watertap.core import build_pt, ZeroOrderBaseData

class PumpZOData(ZeroOrderBaseData):

    CONFIG = ZeroOrderBaseData.CONFIG()

    def build(self):

        self._tech_type = "pump"


Model Structure

The build_pt method constructs a simple representation of unit operation with a single inlet (named inlet) and outlet (named outlet) which have the same material state. A single StateBlock is constructed which is used for both the inlet and outlet Ports.


The build_pt method creates no additional variables beyond those created by the StateBlocks.


The build_pt method writes no additional constraints beyond those created by the StateBlocks.

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