Welcome to WaterTAP’s documentation!

WaterTAP is a National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) funded initiative to create an open-source water treatment model library that is compatible with the IDAES Platform, an advanced process systems engineering tool developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Refer here for more background information.

Collaborating Institutions

The WaterTAP development team is composed of researchers from:

  • National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Cite this work

Use the reference text given below to cite the WaterTAP project:

WaterTAP contributors. WaterTAP: An open-source water treatment model library. Version 0.6. Sponsored by California Energy Commission, National Alliance for Water Innovation, and USDOE. Available at https://github.com/watertap-org/watertap.


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